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How to use the restart procedure of a Multiplayer Match

2 years 8 months ago - 2 years 8 months ago #1 by mitra76

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  • In the new patch we tried to implement a procedure for restart a multiplayer match using a saved game file.

    The usual case you need this is when your match drop (or a single player drops) in the middle of match, but you can also use this if you want play a match many hours long and you want split it in many phases.

    Is better starts from a real case:

    Player 1 hosts a match, using the scenario "Alpha", for player 2, 3, 4 and 5.

    After 1 hour of game, players 2 and 5 drops from the game.

    Player 1 wants restart the match, so as first action he saves the game at this point; he gives to the save the name Player1 (in the file system it will be Player1.sav).

    - second step: Player 1 sends the save file to all the players (2,3,4,5) of match

    - Player 2,3,4,5 place the save file received in the save directory of game (in \Users\User\Documents\SowWL\Saved Games ) keeping the same file name (Player1.sav)

    - Player 1 opens the scenario "Alpha" directory (usually under \Users\User\Documents\SowWL\Scenarios ) and create here a file with the name "restartmp.ini" (ini is the extension, make attention if you have the explorer option of hide know extension)

    - Player 1 has to open "restartmp.ini" and write inside this

    now he saves the file "restartmp.ini"

    - Now all the players re-enter in lobby like the first time and Player 1 selects again the scenario "Alpha". All the players select their officers and Player 1 starts the match. If all has been done correctly the players will restart the game at the same moment of saving action, with the same values.

    A set of info and warnings:

    - use only save files taken from multiplayer matches, not from matches of campaign or single player.
    - Is not necessary that the host is the same player of first session, but the host has to do the same actions done by Player 1 above.
    - the players can select different officers respect those of first session or more players (or less) can partecipate to the match.
    - If an officer previously used by a player is leaved without human in the restart, it will start the match with TC on

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    2 years 8 months ago #2 by Marching Thru Georgia

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  • One addition to Mitra's instructions.
    If players are using mods, such as the KS mod, all the player's must have their mods all named the same as the host's. Otherwise, they will not be able to join the restarted battle. For example, if the host is using a mod named, KS Nappy mod, all the other players will have to rename their mod, KS Nappy mod.

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