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Providing Strategic Context to MP Battles Using Conflict Simulation Board Wargames

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  • War and Peace is board wargame from 1980 that was published by the now-defunct Avalon Hill Game Company. Each combat factor represents 5,000 soldiers. The game comes with scenarios covering Napoleon's major campaigns conducted from 1805 to 1815. This is not a complex game.

    This relatively simple game can provide strategic context for MP SoWWL. Electronic free versions of the wargame are available for download. Take for example the game's Russian Campaign 1812 scenario. When a battle is called for in War and Peace, that battle can be fought out in SoWWL with force sizes and compositions mirroring those called for by the board game.

    VASSAL is the name of the computer software that provides the board wargame platform. An enthusiast of the game War and Peace created a similar design called The Struggle Between Britain and France, which provides scenarios of the major campaigns. It's freeware and done in the VASSAL platform.

    Anybody ever given this idea any thought besides me?
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