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Pathing; Road Use; Keystone Cops.

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  • Greetings,

    I have two (2) main issues with SOW Gettysburg:

    I. Pathing seems to have a major flaw. Infantry units consistently struggle to find paths to their destination. In particular with regard to the "Use Roads" button. When ordered to move in a straight A to B line, the regiment will begin to curve around as if searching for a path to its destination. This occurs in conjunction with the "Use Roads" button lighting up. Even though there are no roads nearby, nor any need to use a road.

    If this was an occasional oops, I could live with it. But it is not. It is far more the norm than the oops. For example: A brigade with four regiments, all in good formation and in line. The commander moves forward about 60 yards ordering the regiments to do so while maintaining the same formation. There are no units in the way, no enemy units in sight, and no terrain blocking a simple straight-line move. One of the four regiments moves straight forward to its destination, the other three do not. Their road use buttons are lit up, and they are doing the Keystone Cops conga line around the field. This move not only looks ridiculous, it has no historical, tactical, nor common sense justification. One unit makes its way to a fence line, moving along it with the subsequent fatigue loss.

    There are numerous examples that clearly show this to be a coding issue regarding movement/pathing/road use. The fact that the road use button lights up and will not respond to my commands suggests this. Ordering a regiment (with the TC off) that is in line in an open field to move 30 yards to a fence, then to see that unit start its ridiculous Keystone Cops undulations rather than simply move straight forward to said fence, all with the Use Road button lit up, further supports my position.

    This issue did not exist in Take Command. How did this go so wrong?

    II. Individual artillery guns will move back and forth until exhaustion even when it has multiple targets to fire at. A battery of 4 guns, all having multiple targets, three guns will remain in good fatigue standing while one becomes exhausted. Surely this is a relatively easy fix?

    I understand this is, by computer standards, an old game. But a game you still bring to market. Why not show respect for your customers by putting in the time and effort to fix this horrible road pathing issue. Or, at the least, admit it is a major coding issue that you will not address, and the customer can take it or leave it. In other words, treat us with the respect our money has earned us.

    Bruce G
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