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End of Battle Report

11 years 1 week ago #1 by UglyElmo

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  • I'm not sure if this is a bug or not but I will report what happened in my last tutorial game:

    I was doing very well in the battle. All of my regiments were high confidence. The Rebs rushed one of my smaller regiments in melee. I ran Cutler over to give that unit some morale, but unfortunately, Cutler got a bit too close to the melee and was killed. The AAR came up immediately upon this, and stated I lost the scenario. I looked at all the stats, then went back into battle again. This time the AAR came up as a Victory for my side.

    So after my commanding unit died and I lose the battle, if I re-enter the battle, it doesn't recognize my lost commanding unit and still counts as a loss? Or does it assign the next in command as the current commanding unit, giving me another chance for a win?

    This might be the way it was intended. Just thought I would ask. Great game. Can't wait to try the MP once I get re-acquainted with the commands and tactics involved again.


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    11 years 1 week ago #2 by ADukes

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  • Replied by ADukes on topic Re:End of Battle Report
    Nice catch. I'll propose a change.

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