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Gettysburg FULL Day One Scenario

3 years 9 months ago - 3 years 9 months ago #1 by BrigadierTzu

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  • I wanted to announce real quick that I'm working on a series of scenarios, one for each day of the battle, kinda like RebBugler did. It's based so far on his scenarios, but mostly so I can get a feel for scenario development in concert with the SDK. As much as I like Reb's carryover scenarios (I've played them several times through), I've felt like I was rushed to fight as quickly as possible due to the 2 1/2 hour length of the scenario. So, I decided to do something similar to RebBugler. Rather than 2 1/2 hours for the first day, I'm rolling with a realtime scenario. That's right, 11 1/2 hours of scenario playtime.

    EDIT: I got to the afternoon of the battle after knocking out a few of the more pressing things (for example: sunset was happening at about 11 in the morning, but I think I fixed that). So, I decided to go ahead and post the beta of the first day of Gettysburg. Note: it's the full day in real time, 9:30 AM to sunset, which I set at 8:30 PM. It let the scenario go until 9:00 PM to allow for the chance that the player gets about the same historical progress, and allow said player to do Johnson's attack after he got organized for it about 30 minutes before sunset. Let me know what you guys think. Eventually, I'm going to release the full three days as a mod commemorating the 155th anniversary of the battle, thus the "GB155" in the scenario's title. You'll need Reb's Bugles and Flags mod, because the scenario uses his OOBs. Sorry, Reb, I haven't gotten to making my own OOB yet. I want to make sure the scenario works well before I do that. I'm not at all trying to copy your work.
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